Greetings gentle simians,

This is not a long entry, just a short note to bring you up to speed on things of interest. I started gathering visual assets (back in my day, we called ’em pictures) for the information product we have planned for later this summer. I am genuinely excited to start working on it during the week.

The big news of the day stems from last night’s work to finally bring Mailchimp into the website to support gathering subscribers and planning our regular newsletter. We haven’t decided how often we’d issue the letter, weekly or monthly, but we know it won’t be just an advertisement for products because we find that so irritating. It will be actual news.

I am also thinking of adding a link to the Mailchimp subscription menu here, to the Monkey Log, for the convenience of readers who are on this site.

While I am pleased with the Mailchimp addition, I feel I have to give credit to someone I found on YouTube that made it possible for me to get it running properly. If anyone out there is struggling with adding Mailchimp to their website, I can recommend a “how to” from Naturalvita. You will find the link here:

I could not not have set up Mailchimp without her clear and well planned guide. Kudos to her and her website as well.



Mailchimp and Monkeys
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