The Monkey Miners was created to provide guidance for budding data Miners, but it was also supposed to support Information Technology and business/decision makers as well. We’ve been churning out advice for data miners, but the other two groups have been sadly neglected. Well no more, because we released the first instalment of Business 101: The Will to Use Analytics. It looks at projects that fail just before they are used, and gives advice on how to hang on until the end to see them through. Take a read and leave feedback, your opinions are very welcome.

Also in the works, we made progress on our first e-book, verifying our facts using the analytics tool and finding more examples to support the text.


Coming down the pipe:

  • Alex is publishing an article on how to measure the accuracy of a predictive model.
  • IT can look forward to an addition to the library about planning an analytics architecture that supports deployment of model.
  • And data miners, we have a few ideas for you guys too, including a short piece on strategic sampling techniques and how to handle duplications.
  • We also plan to tighten up support on the website by linking library articles directly to the guide.

And more ideas are pouring out each day. By the way, we are starting to get feedback on the Monkey Miners site, and it has all been positive so far. It’s been a huge boost for our morale, and for that we thank you.




Hang On Until the End