Greetings fellow Monkey Loggers. We have an epic post this week from Alex who opened my eyes on what accuracy really means. We all use the term, especially when we are asking how good our models are, but do we all mean the same thing? Apparently not.

Take a look at the article Measuring Accuracy – Precision and Inclusiveness to see what he figured out. It’s a good read.

I’ve been busy too working on our first data mining guide that will take you through the essentials of IBM SPSS Modeler from start to model. It is not a comprehensive guide, but it uses the 15 options ( they call them nodes ) that we use all the time. For people who are worried about being overwhelmed with this software and its features, the guide will get you going.

As the guide nears completion, or at least the first draft anyways, I am starting to wonder about what to ask as a fair price. I don’t want anyone to feel they did not get their money’s worth in value, but on the other hand I don’t want to give it away. If anyone has suggestions about how to price this pilot project, let me know.

I am also becoming more concerned about copyright and trademarks rules. I am pretty sure that I can write a teaching guide about IBM’s product without running foul of any rules, but I am also sure they should be credited for their work appropriately in the guide. I am coming to grips with the idea that I may need to hire a lawyer who understands how to write credit to the authors of this software. Any ideas about that would also be welcome.

That’s about all for this week. Good night.




Accuracy, Precision and Inclusiveness