Hello MonkeyMiners,

It’s Allan here, and I have been sick for many, many weeks. Curse you  flu causing lung infection! <Shalkes his fist at the universe>

This has made it very difficult to work, but it did not stop us from thinking. HARD. We’ve been blogging for MonkeyMiners for well over a year now, but we have hardly any viewers. That sucks. It’s time for a change.

The first thing we did was some badly needed maintenance on the website’s infrastructure itself. For those few of you that do look in, you may have received a warning that the site was hijacked? No, it was only being corrected behind the scenes. It’s been two weeks, and it is still not right. Gotta hand it to Blue Host though, their service has been exemplary. I’m an amateur at this, but they knew what to do at every turn, and swapping primary and secondary domains, the issue at hand, was not an easy task. Kudos to them.

We decided that our issue is: We are a solution in search of a problem. People google their problems, not the solutions, so we are not connecting very well. We will continue to teach appplied data mining, but we will adjust our approach to solving problems using data mining, making “the problems”, the stars. Hopefully, this will help people who need what we offer to find us.


Wish us luck out there.

Think and Pivot
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