I have been trying to get traction on our website for about a year and half now. At first, we added to the site diligently, but we slowly came to the sad realization that no one was listening.

That’s discouraging.


So, we redoubled our efforts, and I began casting about to find new ways to attract attention, experimenting with everything I heard about, or could think of. All to no avail. No new viewers.

Oh, come on!

So, we tried the adage, “Build it and they will come.” Nope. And then we tried frenetic work and experimentation, but the “chicken with its head cut off” approach was also a total failure. It’s time to slow down, and think.

No matter how bad I want to lift this monster onto my back and carry it all the way to the finish line, I can’t make people come. It’s also true, that I have a full time job and there are only so many hours in a day, so I can’t do everything I can think of to make this thing work. So I should quit, right?

Sorry, I am not wired that way. I am a very successful data miner because I earnestly tried hundreds of things that turned out not to work, learning all about why they don’t work, and why the things that do work succeed. I don’t quit. I may not yet have gained any business traction, but I learned a butt ton about what doesn’t work. Information that I can build on. So what do I do?

I work within the short timeframes I have, and pick only activities to increase our likelihood of success. I am going to pick three things a week that I have to do, and they must not be purely experimental. They must reasonably take me where I want to go. After much thought, these are the three things I chose:

1. Finish the book. Without which there is obviously no business.

2. Find where the potential customers are and bring them to our site. I need traffic.

3. Write one blog article a week.


Notice I did not mention keeping this blog up? I like this little blog, but it ain’t getting me where I need to be. If I can keep up with those other three and I get time, then I will update this blog too.

It’s all about smart “gambling” on just the things I think will likely work.


What do you think?


Merry Christmas everybody.


The Three Most Important Things To Do Today
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